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How We Differ

  1. Friendly & Efficient Support Team
    We understand that time is crucial for every patient, this applies for our users too. Our support team is available from 8am-10pm daily.

  2. Most Affordable
    We are easily the most affordable, yet comprehensive and user-friendly clinic software.

  3. Zero Down Time
    Since our launch in 2016, our system faced zero downtime and 101% customer satisfaction.

  4. Quick to Learn. Easy to Use
    Our system is design to make your day easier. You can focus more on your patients and less on paper work.

  5. Fast Patient Turnaround Time
    With our system, turnaround time for a patient can be as fast as 90 seconds.

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MOH has announced an Early Contribution Incentive (ECI) for private clinic. With that, your system is fully subsidized if you sign up with us today!

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Affordable & Transparent
We are here to help. We believe in being transparent with our pricing, staying affordable with comprehensive system that will help with your day to day needs.

Quick to Learn. Easy to Use
We design our interface to suit your practice. Our software improves your productivity, let you to focus more on your patients and less on paper.

Safe and Secure
Secure access to patient information and clinic data anytime, anywhere. Role-based data security system gives different users a different access.

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Auto CHAS Submission
Queue and Appointments Scheduling
Real-time Inventory
Intuitive Workflow
Electronic Medical Report - EMR
Business Analytics and Meaningful Reporting
Allergy Warning
Medical Billings and Payment
Patient Engagement Tools


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Call Us at 6966 8570

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